Sunday, December 04, 2011

No Longer Stays Where you Put 'im

So we finally have our baby gates up, and not a moment too soon. Baby-proofing is in full force.

Sonny boy is your typical newly-mobile baby, full of delightful curiosity. He likes to climb stairs and pull himself to standing on pretty much anything above ground level, stable or otherwise. We we spend a lot of time helping him avoid face-plants. I guess a few tumbles are the only way he'll learn that the law of gravity is in full effect, but still, it's hard not to want to bubble-wrap him.

He loves his new-found mobility. He motors around chatting to himself. For a while, he would pull himself along by his arms like a seal. Scooting around the house, he reminded me of those baby sea turtles you see making a break for the ocean. Hubs had the idea that if we tied a Swiffer pad to his belly, he could do our floors for us.

PATENT PENDING! *shakes fist*

Yes, I use a lot of animal analogies when I see my son in action. Incidentally, the way an 8-month-old leaves a trail of drool everywhere he goes kind of makes me imagine what it'd be like to live with a 2'3" snail.

Now he's into full-fledged crawling, and the kid can move! Usually he makes a beeline, past all the toys and neat things I leave for him, right for the one thing in the room that's not baby-friendly. Must put hand in DVD player. Must tip over garbage can. Must pat and chew on plunger. Much more interesting than stacking rings.

(FYI,  he never actually got ahold of the plunger. I'm still a bit faster than him)

And impatient! Babies don't know the meaning of "just a second", and if they did, I don't think it would make a difference. When we pre-empt his adventures in door-stop springing or what have you to change him, you'd think we were committing the biggest injustice imaginable. The writhing and grunting! I can hear his inner monologue:

"Arrgh! Release me, woman! I'm losing precious seconds from my research on-- Ooh, shiny-- OMG, now I must determine the texture of that faucet THIS INSTANT!!" Oh, the humanity! Usually we can distract him with something cool to hold onto. Other times, though, I'll find his sleepers only halfway done up because Hubs would leave them be once they were 'good enough'. I must say, though, all those snaps on sleepers are not so practical with a squirmy baby. (It should be a competitive event, like you'd see at a rodeo; Dress the Baby! Points deducted for misaligned snaps!)

Likewise, some of the cloth diapers we use have intricate snapping arrangements around the waist and legs. When we were selecting diapers, we should have considered, "could I successfully diaper a mechanical bull with these?" if not, best to go with the Velcro-fastened ones.

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