Monday, May 28, 2012

Play it Cool, Parents

Small kids who are learning to walk tend to fall down. I'm not talking about those fluke falls where you know they're getting a goose-egg. I'm talking regular, run-of-the-mill tumbles. These can happen a few times a day.

Are they a big deal?


How do you react to it? That will help your child decide if the fall, head bump or stumble was a big deal, especially if they sense hugs and sympathetic noises might be up for grabs. Most people know this, so we know to keep it light and breezy. We show the little ones the average mishap is no big deal and life goes on. And for the most part, they'll accept this-- maybe even find it funny!

But then there are times when the fall startles me, or for a split second I mistakenly feel like it might've really hurt, or something. Either way, I react with a dramatic gasp and maybe an accompanying dash to his side.

Boy, do I pay for that.

Sometimes my son will slip, and look over to check with me first to see if this was worthy of waterworks. There can be a 5-10-second delay as he makes this assessment.

So remember, for those everyday falls... play it cool, parents. Play it cool. They're watching.


  1. H nearly fell off the change table for the first time today. I'm lucky he caught himself: I found him with his legs hanging over the edge, clinging to the table for dear life. I felt like a terrible mother, but after a comfort nurse and some cuddles he was fine. I think he was more scared than anything.

  2. Yeah, they move fast! Glad H is okay. Most times they're more freaked out by the whole thing, as opposed to hurt. I usually am, too, when I fall (or almost fall), so I get it.