Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Smile Because it Happened"

You know that saying, "Don't cry because it's over; Smile because it happened"?

I would like my son to learn that philosophy, please.

Okay, so I have quite a happy-go-lucky kid who's mostly quite adaptable. But he's still little, with almost no control over how much fun he'll get or how long it'll last. 

Disappointment is tough. But it's even worse (on me especially) when the rage and tears seem to outweigh any of the happiness gained during the good times. It's as if it would have been better for all had I not offered the experience in the first place.

Here's what I mean:

Poor kid! I get it. It's hard when good times end. I feel that when coming back from a great trip, or finishing a really good book. I will definitely feel it when I first have to drop him off at daycare and return to work (although, in my years, I have learned not to make the same kind of scene, especially on the bus).

But, I want to tell him, you know what? I know you can handle it. Plus, there are other good times to be had. More adventures to look forward to. There will be other blueberries to eat, more baths, more buttons to push and light switches to flick. More things to be part of that AREN'T dangerous. You haven't even seen the half of all there is to see, my dear boy!

So in the meantime, please come to bask a bit in contentment from having had the experience instead of melting down when it's done. Otherwise, I might just press the elevator button myself next time.

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  1. There are times when it's a triptych of ever decreasing happiness, too.
    Step 1: "Hey, I pooped. I don't like this." Tug at diaper and frown.
    Step 2: "Hey, you're taking me away from my toys! I don't like this at all!" Reach for the wall and thrash, anything to slow Maman's progress up the stairs away from the toys.
    Step 3. "Hey, you're lying me down on my change table! I don't wanna be heeeeere!!!" Kick, scream, and try to roll over while Maman wants to hogtie you to the change table you have recently (and inexplicably) begun to hate. Try valiantly to stomp in the briefly open diaper while Maman wrestles with your naked feet and the dirty diaper and a clean diaper and a wipe with the third arm she has to sprout in times like this.
    Step 4: As soon as she sits you up, smile like an angel and throw your arms around her like you haven't seen her in hours.