Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A Different World

Since I haven't had time to draw lately, I thought I'd share an early observation that I'd drawn in the early days but never posted. You can tell it's old because Big Bro is only about six months old... *sniff*... so little...

Before I got married, I went to one of those wedding expos to get some good ideas, but mostly to have a fun day out with a friend. There was no shortage of photographers, florists, stylists, jewelers, caterers and limousine services. You could get your ring polished, try on dresses and sample cupcakes. Videos of tropical destination weddings played on TV screens. There were businesses that would rent chocolate fountains or release bejeweled doves into the air for you. Doves! With little heart stickers on their heads! Talk about decadence.

Fast forward a few years later. After my son was born, I went to the Baby Expo that is held in Ottawa every year. It was pretty much the same, only totally different.

I recall being offered a sample at one of the booths; a cloth package with a zipper. Sweet! I love samples. I was happy to take one. What could it be?

Yup, it was a bit of a different world now. 

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