Thursday, December 24, 2015

Popularity of Toys

Here comes Christmas, which means a few new toys for the kids.

I wonder how popular the items we picked this year will be. Apparently the magnetic tiles we got are played with every day by kids of bloggers everywhere. We got a gym mat from IKEA so the kids can wrassle and do somersaults. Their aunt got them another room of furniture for the dollhouse that the kids use as a parking garage half the time, but should enjoy anyway because the set has a toilet. The cars can sit on the potty. 

Whichever toys prove to be popular long-term, guaranteed they'll be a hit at the exact same time with both kids, escalating into an all-out "I have it first, I need this all to myself right now" brawl. Then left alone to gather dust until the next time one of them shows interest. No one wanted it ten minutes before, or ten minutes after, but in that moment, it's life-or-death. That's how it goes with any of the toys (or ice cream scoop, or magnifying glass, or the claw clips that both boys want to put on their wrists ASAP). 

Merry Christmas 2015, from me, Hubs and the Brobeans !

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