Sunday, May 08, 2016

"Now, Get One with Me in It"

This is the scenario I envision when my kids look back at our family pictures in future years.

It's because, like many moms, I am always the one taking the picture. I love taking pictures. Everything around me looks beautiful or adorable or hilarious; something that we'll want to look at fondly later. So I'm always running out of storage space on my phone due to my snap-happy tendencies.

Hubs, on the other hand, prefers just to enjoy the moment (what's up with that?). He has about 20 pictures total on his phone, and I probably took a good chunk of them. He will gladly take a picture if asked, but he doesn't have the urge to preserve everything like I do.

Fair enough. But that means, if I'm not paying attention, that we'll have several outings where I don't show up in the pictures. Not that I photograph particularly well or enjoy gazing upon myself (I've certainly taken some scary selfies), but I do like having the occasional record that I, too, was there, and had a hand in contributing to the family adventure. 

Given that, my options are:

1. Secretly hope that Hubs will develop an overwhelming new urge to take pictures;

2. Sit and eat worms, stewing about how one day I'll be dead and they'll have no record of what I looked like, and then won't they be sorry they didn't offer to get me in a picture when they had the chance;

3. Hand him the camera and say "now get one with me" every so often.

I usually go with option 3. 

A few weeks ago, we took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge, a fabulous indoor water park resort near Niagara Falls. After two days, I realized we had a great collection of dad-and-kid precious moments, but I hadn't shown up yet. So, I handed hubs the camera and went to stand beside Little Bro atop the kiddie slide.

There. Now we'll all know I was there. I brought the camera back to the hotel room and resumed good times at the water park. 

Later, I go back and scroll through the pictures. Here was the one picture with me in it.

It couldn't have been better if it were done on purpose.

I burst out laughing and told Hubs he had to let me turn this into a cartoon. He's a good sport, so with his permission, I present to you the memory of the vacation where we'll know at least my legs were there. That's going in the album. 

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there. Make sure you get in the pictures sometimes... even if it's only half of you. 


  1. SO TRUE. I know I always say that on your posts, but this one, YES. My mother-in-law has started complaining - I give her a pile of family photos every Christmas and there's never one with me in it, because there just aren't any! And on the other side of things, my husband thinks I way overdocument everything and take too many snaps. There has to be a happy solution here, somewhere!