Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good news: He's started talking, saying real words! So much fun!
Bad news: The current favourite word is "no".

It is displayed as just a calm yet confident assertion of his preferences, which are often contrary to my plans. No, he does not care to give me back my keys at the moment. He's still checking them out, thank you very much. Maybe later.

To be fair, I also think 'no' is sometimes the default answer to anything that sounds like a question. He said 'no' when I asked him if he was my handsome little man, and I'm pretty sure he is.

Hmm, so for the most part, he's not yet at the age where I can use much of my bag of 'toddler tricks' to work with him-- offering choices, consequences, life lessons, that sort of thing. So now what?

I guess I'll have to use Plan B in the meantime, which is to
a) Stop asking questions he doesn't have a choice about, such as whether he would like to  put his jammies on
b) Use distraction
c) If all else fails, resort to the old standby: Mom's the boss.