Sunday, April 12, 2015

Picky Eater... Sometimes

I see a lot of articles about picky toddlers. They don't pertain to me, though, because I don't have one of those. In fact, there are only two things my toddler doesn't like:

1. Produce
2. Protein

OK, maybe there are a few other things.

Maybe he doesn't even have to be at the table: a cursory glance as he passes by is enough to deduce he doesn't like what's on offer.

I offer an array of options on his plate like the experts suggest, but he's not easily impressed. He brings to mind that Looney Tunes king who laments, "Every day the same thing: Variety."

I know one day all I'll see is his butt sticking out of the fridge, but for now I often wonder how he's still alive. I'd be starving! Maybe those granola-bar-in-carseat or smartie-in-dustpan finds are keeping him going. People would think I don't feed the guy.

Some days, no amount of ketchup or syrup or "shakey cheese" can give a dish appeal for our selective son. But, later in the same day, we can barely keep him from putting his face into his bubble bath and resurfacing with a sudsy tongue (because hilarious), or taking in full cheeks of pool water at the Preschool Swim. The Preschool Swim, where there are a good 30 families, with babies and toddlers in swim diapers, marinating in the same pool.  I think I'm insulted. But I may be on to something.


Two exciting upcoming events:

Blog Out Loud is back for 2015! Part of the Ottawa International Writers' Festival, it's an evening featuring bloggers (like me) who will read one of their best posts from the past year. It was a great show last year, with an awesome variety of contributors. This year, it's taking place at the Christ Church Cathedral, 414 Sparks Street in Ottawa, at 6:45 p.m. Hope to see you there!

The Ottawa International Childrens Festival is taking place May 4-13. The festival features award-wining theatre, dance, music and activities for children, youth and their families. I've been offered complimentary tickets to a show in exchange for writing/cartooning about my family's experience, and I can't wait! The show "Toutou" is already sold out, so we're going to check out Michel Lauziere, the "Master of Unusual Comedy," which will be just as fun for me as it will be for the kids (if not more), by the looks of the preview. More to come.

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