Thursday, December 11, 2014

The "Christmas Magic" Fail

My early years as a big sister have taught me some lessons about kids, one of which I am reminded of this Christmas.

My sister is just over 8 years younger than I, and I just loved seeing myself as her mentor, role model, camp counselor, activity planner and all-around mother hen, whether she liked it or not. Though some games we played were admittedly a bit manipulative on my part ("I know! Let's pretend I'm dead and you have to give me some of your Smarties to bring me back to life"), I think I generally took pretty good care of my little sis when she was small.

One Christmas, she was about six years old*, and I was right into helping create the magic of Santa Claus for her. Such fun to see the excitement in her eyes as she wondered where Santa might be at any given time on Christmas Eve.

I even helped her set out milk and cookies for Santa with a little note. How adorable is that. What a great big sister I was! If only someone had a camera.

Off she went to bed, beaming with anticipation. And then, you know, because it had to look like Santa had indeed been there when she got up, I proceeded to down the milk and eat the cookies as soon as she was nestled all snug in her bed... or so I thought...

So. That was the Christmas Eve she went to bed thinking her gluttonous sister tried to ruin Christmas and could barely wait five minutes before scarfing down poor Santa's snack that she'd so lovingly prepared. There I was, chipmunk cheeks full of cookie and unable to tell the truth, so I had to just hang my head and awkwardly agree to replenish the plate.

I meant well. I really did. It was supposed to be magical! And she wasn't supposed to come back downstairs!

Lesson learned. And now, as a parent, I'll know to wait a good long time before disposing of any 'snacks for Santa'. Let's not have some of my kids' earliest memories be of their MOM trying to ruin Christmas.


* This story originally had her and me at 3 and 11 years old, respectively. She tells me, however, that I was probably more like 14 because "I still remember you lounging on the chair in your 'too cool for school' teenage way with your bigger hair when I caught you" (hence the above snazzy 6-inches-of-roots 'Elaine' 'do). Nice try making myself younger in the retelling so it doesn't look as bad, though, she added.


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