Monday, October 31, 2016

The "Sugar High" Myth

Here's a fun fact to follow up on Halloween candy overload:

Did you know that the "sugar high" is not a thing?

I admittedly sometimes feel skeptical, especially after a night like tonight spending a good hour being mauled by my two rowdy, KitKat-filled post-trick-or-treaters dressed as blanket ghosts.

But, according to research (and this isn't new), an overload of Halloween candy (etc.) doesn't actually make kids into wild baboons. It's the excitement of the day, or parents' expectation of a sugar high that makes it seem related. We see it because we are looking for it.

So how do you like that? The correlation between sugar and craziness was all in your imagination. So when your kids are having a post-Snickers swing from the curtains, or doing donkey kicks in the tub... all in your imagination.

I have quite the imagination sometimes, it seems.