Sunday, April 10, 2016

"Ten Minutes Earlier"... And Some Updates

OK, so if you read my last post, you know the Bros are all about their stuffed buddies these days (which includes, but is not limited to, Beanie Boos).

These stuffies often want to join us on outings. This makes getting out the door even more efficient, she said sarcastically, as the kids scramble to find Puffin. Puffin really wants to come grocery shopping, too. We can't leave without Puffin!

Do anyone else's kids take their buddies out in makeshift carriers? I don't mean a backpack. I mean, like, sitting in one of your shoes (What! Not more shoe adventures!). Medium Owl, as named by Little Bro, has come on bike rides nestled in one of my rubber boots. Lamb came to the doctor's office in Hubs's shoe. You had to leave your wet boots on the tray in the hall, so anyone coming out would have found a lone men's shoe and maybe wondered what that was about, unless they had seen the kid in the waiting room with the lamb and said, "Ah, I bet it was used to transport the lamb." At least Lamb is considerate of the doctor's office policy.

But I digress. The main theme here is that we seldom go anywhere without a stuffed tag-along. Problems with buddies accompanying us only arise when the kids decide they're not as keen to hold onto them for the whole outing. In those cases, guess who ends up with a giraffe in her pocket, or better:

Yeah, he lasted about 2 minutes. Oh well, everyone does the scarf thing anyway, right? So I figure I was pretty stylin' on our trip to Dollarama. Don't be jealous.


PS: Guess who's back for the THIRD year in a row at Blog Out Loud 2016! Me, that's who. And a bunch of other great Ottawa-area bloggers; some whom I've heard of (or heard read before), and others that will be new and exciting. It takes place Sunday, April 17th at 2 p.m. at Christ Church Cathedral. I take it as a great compliment to have been chosen yet again, because if it's like the last two years, I'll be in great company. Come see us!

PPS: Guess who also gets to take the fam to the Ottawa Children's Festival 2016 (May 10-15) to see and review a show! Me again! It was hard to pick which show we wanted. I am very intrigued by the Box Brothers, but my kids love Eric Litwin's Pete the Cat readings. So we'll be going to see him, I think. It promises to be a good time! I can't wait to check out the Dot Maze, too.