Thursday, October 24, 2013

On the Subject of Two-Year-Olds, Part 5

5. Two-year-olds have enthusiasm and great appreciation for "the little things" in life.

It can be inspiring to see the world through the eyes of a two-year-old. So many regular experiences we take for granted bring immense joy to them. To them, the little things are big things.

These include, but are not limited to:

- Finding a huge stick to carry on a walk
- Licking muffin batter off the spoon
- Getting to wear an adult's sunglasses
- Babybel cheese
- Getting outside in time to see the garbage truck in action
- Stuffing leaves in the sewer drain
- Trying the mail key in every keyhole at the community mailbox
- Watching their freshly-washed prized stuffed buddy bouncing around in the dryer
- Hearing their favourite book for the billionth time
- Hearing their favourite song for the billionth time (I used to like Great Big Sea's "Run Runaway"...)
- Playing Sleeping Bunnies for the billionth time ("hop hop hop..." I'll be hearing it in my nightmares)
- Pressing the elevator button, doorbell, and buttons in general
- Flushing the toilet
- Putting more toilet paper in the toilet... and then flushing it again

Many of these Favourite Things go under the umbrella of tasks they can do "BY MYSELF"; a VERY big deal.

Watch out, though, if you ever dare rob them of these little joys, intentionally or otherwise. Oh dear. One day we were out and about, heading towards an exit, and Big Bro was on his usual mission to press the button to open the door. The poor gentleman who was kind enough to open the door for us didn't know what hit him.

Monday, October 14, 2013

On the Subject of Two-Year-Olds, Part 4

4. 2-Year-Olds see your safety instructions as big "Wet Paint" signs.

I admit that when I see a "Wet Paint" sign even now, I'm very much tempted to poke whatever's been painted and see if the sign is telling the truth.  "Sticky," I'll remark to myself, "story checks out."

When I was a kid, Mom told me, "DON'T look at the sun." Well. Doesn't THAT make it incredibly intriguing. Why? What, THIS sun? What happens? What if I look fast? What if I look at it between my fingers? What if... AGH, MY EYES...

Kids learn by doing, and you're just inviting a confirmation science experiment every time you try to pass along health or safety information to a 2-year-old. Now you've piqued their interest, and they certainly aren't going to take your word for it.

Mom's coffee is hot, is it? How hot are we talking? Let's stick a finger in there and see.

There's a blade in the blender, you say. Where, under all that fruit? I don't see it. Maybe there isn't one. Lemme have a little dig.

So, my head won't fit under the chair? Challenge accepted...

Sometimes Big Bro go out of his way to carry an enormous vase across the room to show me how we're not supposed to touch it 'cause it'll break. Or, he'll balance precariously on a soccer ball or start sliding headfirst down the stairs, all while letting me know that it's not a good idea to do it exactly like he's doing it. "Don't go downstairs like this, Mama," he'll say with great sing-song authority as he slides by.

Quite the rules man, he is. So I'll often find myself saying, "Don't touch. And don't touch it to demonstrate how you're not supposed to touch it."


Sunday, October 06, 2013

On the Subject of Two-Year-Olds, Part 3

3. All two-year-olds all have a natural skill called the "Wet Noodle".

It's a very effective form of resistance that expends little energy (for them, I mean). You know, when it's time to (insert transition here) and they don't want to. When you try to pick them up, their bones suddenly liquefy, and it's like trying to lift a 30-pound garbage bag full of oatmeal.

The best is when they activate the "Wet Noodle" when you're trying to dress them. Ever tried to get a pair of pants on cooked spaghetti?