Thursday, December 05, 2013

Family Pictures

Who here has gotten family photos done lately?

Leading up to Christmas, many families get the famous Family Pictures done-- partly because they look so great on Christmas cards. For loved ones you don't see often, it's also a way to say, "Merry Christmas, and by the way, this is what we look like these days".

I love getting the family photographed any time of year, though, especially with the kids at an age where they change almost daily. I want to remember these days-- the good parts, at least (of which there are many, of course).

Earlier this year, I won a free one-hour photography session, which I redeemed in October to take advantage of the beautiful Fall colours.

When I received the gallery from which to choose the prints I wanted, I was overjoyed at the results:

Click to Enlarge

My beautiful family! My handsome little boys! I just love them so much! I could've burst, I was so proud of how delightful they were, all smiles and full of life playing in the leaves. What an amazing photographer we had, who could capture all these moments that will make me misty-eyed for years to come.

Ohhh yeah. These were totally going on Facebook, and in my Christmas cards.

Although... if you've ever done a photography session with small kids (especially in the woods), you also know about those other photos that don't make the cut:

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Never mind that, though. I'm sure I'll remember those parts without having to put them on canvas in artistic black-and-white and display them on the wall. I'll also probably remember how I can-canned around like the Looney Tunes Singing Frog behind the photographer to get some of those smiles.

The main thing is, we got the highlights of the hour that show us how we all are at our best (maybe my hair was a little frazzled by then, but who are we trying to kid, anyway). Those heart-melty memories are the ones you want to hold onto.

Although, now that I think of it, a Family Pictures "Blooper Reel" would be hilarious. Talk about a coffee table book. That'd be something to show the kids one day. 


PS: Fun fact: the above picture of Big Bro lying down in the leaves actually DID show up in our gallery of proofs, and I even contemplated buying it... the snot bubble was a bit of artistic license on my part, though I say thank goodness for Photoshop at the start of cold season.

PPS: Did you see the side bar? Cartoon-Coloured Glasses made top 5 in the Comic category in the Canadian Weblog Awards! Hooray!

PPPS: I should've posted this earlier, Cartoon-Coloured Glasses was featured in a very flattering write-up in the "Parenting Blogs We Love" section in the local Capital Parent magazine: .  It's always great to hear that others see themselves in the cartoons, too. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to comment or share my posts. - J