Sunday, August 16, 2015

Do it Again!

Sometimes I'll say or do something cool or funny for the kids, like giving them flips or blasting them with my hairdryer or reading The Book With No Pictures. Just a one-time thing for fun. ONE-TIME. We all have a little laugh, then we move on, or at least that's what I imagine.

I should know better. If it's fun enough, it'll never be just once. The kids will want it again and again until it's long past excessive. I'll be all, "Oh, ha ha, no, that was it, just once!" or "Maybe we can open and close the garage some more later," or "if I spin you again, I'll throw up," but that doesn't get me off the hook.

Take, for instance, this recent time I thought I'd amuse my friend's kid with a one-time bit of silliness:

I never learn. If the material is any good, there'll no moving on.


PS: The Book With No Pictures is great fun, but it does involve pleading for the kids to not make you read it again, which guarantees that they will. Over and over. So if you go there, get ready to say a whole lot of "BA-DOONGY FACE!"

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  1. When my son was between one and two my mom used to do this Polish rhyme song that involved bouncing him on her knee, and he kept holding up a finger and saying this incomprehensible phrase which we finally realized was supposed to be 'one more' - over and over and over again. Unfortunately for her, she was the grandmother and not the mother, which I pretty much think made her physically incapable of denying him anything until she almost collapsed from exhaustion.