Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Notes from a Five-Year-Old

Five-year-old Big Bro is making great strides with reading and writing. He never ceases to find an opportunity to write these days, be it making a book or adding CHES!! to the grocery list ("cheese", FYI; exclamation marks to illustrate urgency).

Why, just the other Saturday morning, he he made a "Don't wake up Mama" sign to stick on the door (the kids fought loudly over who was going to hang it up. Note the irony).

I love kid writing. He writes notes to his friends, pen-pal style or via stealth doorstep delivery. To remedy the issue of squirrels eating from our berry plants, he wrote "NO SKROS" and stuck it on the planter pot. Those greedy so-and-sos can't read beginner writing, it seems, but I appreciated the effort.

He also writes notes for me, which is fun. Being a former Kindergarten teacher, I'm pretty good at deciphering five-year-olds' writing, but sometimes I'm caught off guard.

HEY! Who are you calling a-- oh. wait a minute.

Sometimes I can't figure it out, I admit. I try the "tell me about what you've written on the board!" bit.
"Well, read it, Mama."

OK. I can do this...


Don't. Don't something... iskem is ice cream? Ice cream sam... sam-wich. Don't FORGET ICE CREAM SANDWICHES! Yess! I feel like I've just won the round on Bumper Stumpers.

And now I'd better not forget ice cream sandwiches on the next grocery trip. It's in writing.

And lest I get too sentimental about his adorable hug notes, I'll tell you about the time he couldn't contain his mirth when he passed me a note that said "STIK" on the outside (with a drawing of a skunk), and giant letters saying "POP" on the inside. THAT one I deciphered right away. Call it a gift. I'm sure you can figure it out, too.

Kids will learn to write when it's meaningful and relevant to them... and it doesn't get more relevant and meaningful than that.


I've been asked to mention an event coming up to raise money for Fort McMurray. I'm happy to oblige, especially where Fort Mac is sometimes known as "The Maritimes of the North". A lot of my fellow East-Coasters are/were up there.

Here's a description of the family event being held here in Ottawa, called Fort Pizza (just the name makes me want to check it out!). Kind of short notice, but if Thursday's  your family's pizza night like it is ours, this might be where you want to go!

"Enjoy a family friendly evening including princesses, magicians, a silent auction, karaoke and more. Each ticket comes with a salad and pizza meal. Tickets are $20 and $10 from each tickets goes to the Red Cross for Fort McMurray. Families may arrive to each anytime from 5pm-9pm with a DJ appearing at 8pm. Tickets can be purchased in advance by calling (613) 226-3374 or emailing missteenageottawa2016@gmail.com