Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Decor

In the effort to keep things minimal while we've been trying to keep our house looking show-ready, I didn't do any of my usual fall decorating this year. Other years, this usually includes a runner with spider-web motif, metallic pumpkin, and the clich├ęd decorative farmers-markety gourds. Faux-fall foliage wreath on the door, that sort of stuff.

Thankfully, the kids took care of fall decor this year.. and I didn't even have to ask!

Fall means apple picking, which means many apples with one bite out of them left to oxidize in random spots around the house (windowsills, steps, amongst Lego...). The kids love apples, but they either forget about them easily or don't like apples with bites out of them.

"Wait. before you take another one, where's the apple you were eating?"

We'll find it later, when it's then too brown and therefore even more inedible.

So that's been our fall decor this year. It's a good look.

Coincidentally, as I drew this, Little Bro came up to see what I was up to and climbed up on my lap, chewing on yet another apple.

He watches me draw the apple's brown patches and says, "crunch crunch... dat apple doesn't look berry good."

Then he hops down and leaves his own apple sitting by me on the desk. I'm looking at it right now.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Smells like Thanksgiving

Sometimes, when the kids are sitting with me watching videos, reading a book or chatting about life, I find myself giving their heads a sniff. Just like when they were tiny babies.

Maybe it's one of those endorphin or oxytocin things, but it's mostly a habit that lets me "take in the moment", so to speak, so I can remember later how small they once were and bask in how thankful I am to have these little guys in my life.

(Of course, I have other people I am also thankful for... Hubs, my parents, my siblings, friends... but I generally don't sniff their heads.)

Happy Thanksgiving!