Saturday, March 09, 2019

Who Would Win?

Quick! Look at these two tanks, and tell me...

Which one do you think is stronger?
Which one do you think will WIN?

Did you say the blue one because it has a bigger cannon? Or the red one because it has a BUNCH of cannons? Is one of them the bad guy, and do you take that into account? What about which has the more mad face?... Answer fast, because there is a right answer, and the artist knows what it is.

I get ambushed daily by my six-year-old with pairs of drawings or toy vehicles or superheroes, and I get a pop quiz where I have three seconds to deduce which would win; which is stronger; which one is faster; which one is scarier. The stress!

On a related note, I see in the book orders the kids bring home that there's a whole "Who Would Win?" series. featuring various pairs of fierce animals facing off. I bet that author had (or was) a kid like mine.