Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Touchy Feely

Kids learn a lot about their world by touching. Poking, turning things around in their hands, squishing, squeezing, shaking, seeing how far something can twist or pull before-- oops.

I mean, that's why you see so many Sensory Bin ideas  on Pinterest. Young kids love to touch stuff.

It's true, and it's a wonderful thing. But sometimes it feels like you've taken an octopus to the restaurant.

Reaching limbs everywhere. So much tactile learning in a toddler's reach radius. Restaurants, earring displays, produce pyramids... It's irresistible. Touch touch touch. No Impulse Buy rack goes unfondled if they have something to say about it.

It doesn't always stop with toddlerhood, either. but we went to the National Gallery a while back on a Family Pass. I think it's great for kids to experience all sorts of places in the city. Naturally, as good citizens, we also need to observe the required respectful behaviour. When it comes to the art gallery and all of their irreplaceable works on display, Just Looking with Eyes is a big part of it.

Actually, Just Looking with Eyes is pretty much all of it. That's a lot to ask of a four-year-old in a place full of colourful, shiny, textured, dangly stuff. Big Bro didn't find it easy.

And he did.