Monday, October 31, 2011

Favourite Toys

Today is my son's first Hallowe'en. I suppose it'd be a faux-pas to go trick-or-treating since he doesn't even have teeth. He did get to dress up as Snoopy this year for a party, though, complete with felt-ears-on-a-tuque and a tail. I'll probably do the same with him tonight and bring him to the door when I pass out the treats-- that is, what I haven't eaten myself over the weekend.

While we eat, he sits in his high chair with us at the table. I gave him a bunch of Hallowe' en chocolate bars, in their wrappers, for him to play with. I tell ya, nothing entertains quite like crinkly, shiny wrappers and shaky Smarties boxes. We were able to read the Saturday paper and have a leisurely coffee while he sat with us and played with the bars.

It's true what they say; the most fascinating toys are never the big, expensive dealies. I'll put  him on the floor in our room in the mornings so I can put my face on, and he finds the springy door stop and bats at it for a good ten minutes. Take that, Playskool!

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