Monday, November 21, 2011

From the Beginning

For the next few days, I will take a break from drawing to share with you my journey as an artist, drawer, cartoonist and doodler to date. I have dug up some of the old work my parents saved and would like to share it with you.

I have enjoyed drawing for as long as I can remember. This is me at 4 years old drawing at my chalkboard with my little brother. Note that I also drew on the walls behind me. My passion for drawing just couldn't be contained!

I enjoyed drawing for others. I became quite good at drawing Pepsi trucks for my Pepsi-truck-obsessed brother. Soon, everyone I knew became victim of my drawing ambushes, whether they wanted a Janet Original or not. My parents and teachers wound up with huge collections.

"Dear Mom: I drew (jroo) this picture only for you. Love from Janet" (about age 5)

When I was six, I entered a "draw your parent at work" contest held by my dad's employer. Every kid who entered won a Crayola set. I was beside myself with delight. Here is my interpretation of Dad writing on paper by his rotary phone at work. Please note his head is somewhat smaller in real life.

One of my inspirations for my drawing and cartooning, I have to admit, came from my love of Archie comics. I must've collected hundreds of them over the years, and to this day I could still kick butt at an Archie trivia game, should one exist. I enjoyed their realistic portrayal of teen life, including how a guy might get a summer job as a bikini rater, or how he might cope when having accidentally made a movie date with two girls at the same time. Watch out, Archie!

Drawn at the age of 10

From my teaching experience, particularly teaching cartooning workshops, I can attest that most kids love to draw, but many don't keep up with it over the years for whatever reason. They maybe either get discouraged when their work isn't realistic enough for their liking, or they just move onto new interests. I was just one of the few kids that kept loving it and kept going with it.

More to come...

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