Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Time's A-Comin'

Christmas time's a-comin', as Raffi would say.

I love Christmas, and I still revert to being a big kid at Christmas time (this assumes I am mature the rest of the year). My family had some great Christmas traditions growing up. For instance, my dad would make a fancy punch Christmas Eve and we'd watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation for the millionth time.
Fun Fact: As a teenager, I memorized Clark Griswold's obscenity-filled rant and still remember it to this day. Such a waste of brain. Anyone else out there guilty of that?

I hope to make it just as magical a time for my son (and possible future sibling) as it was for me growing up. I can't wait to celebrate his first Christmas with our family. It's like new energy is brought to the festivities and we're seeing it all again with new eyes.

Last weekend, Hubs and I dug out the decorations-- unbreakable ones this year. We had the idea to decorate the tree while playing a CD of Christmas music. Instead we wound up decorating while watching Old School on TV. Nothing gets you in the festive mood quite like a streaking Will Ferrell. Oh well, the baby's too young to know the difference. Next year.

I made a few observations this year, given that it is my first Christmas as a parent:

1. Santa:  I used to wonder why people brought babies to see Santa. "It's not like they even know where their feet are, let alone who Santa is." Ahh. I get it now. It's for us. I totally wanted to put my son in a cute sweater and get a picture with Santa, and I totally did. It took a few minutes and an undignified set of antics on my part, but I got a grin out of him! I wasn't sure how it'd go, 'cause I guess for a kid it can be like being taken to sit on a big hairy clown.

2. Christmas Photo Cards: I realize it is socially acceptable for people who are parents to give photos of themselves as Christmas cards to family and friends, as long as their baby is in the picture too. In other words, a picture of me with the family wishing you a Merry Christmas is cute. A few years ago, a picture of just me as a card would have seemed a tad conceited. "Merry Christmas. Put this on your fridge. You're welcome."

Click to Enlarge

3. Photo Gifts: Speaking of pictures, it seems a given that I have to give my family some sort of gift that involves their grandson/nephew's photo this year, and I see I am not hurting for choices. Beyond the standard photo book and digital frame, I could do a canvas, poster, calendar, puzzle, mug, water bottle, t-shirt, ball cap, mouse pad, tree ornament, stocking, pillowcase... even a throw with my son's giant face on it! Goes with any decor! Well, that's it, then; my shopping is done. Throws for everyone!

My brother cannot contain his excitement.


  1. You're one of the only people I know who know who Raffi is. THANK YOU. And I especially love your brother's reaction to his "Owen" blanket. :D

  2. Oh, Janet. This is just too funny. Your drawings seal it. And thanks for all of the photo gift ideas... I did not know about the throws! Haha. ;)