Monday, January 30, 2012


Well, we're officially in the depths of winter. Though it hasn't been as brutal as other winters have been, it's still enough sometimes to affect my motivation to get outside.

I always wanted to make sure I got out with my baby. I wanted to test the limits of where we could go together. I didn't want to be housebound! The baby was to come along with us on our adventures, and he wouldn't be an excuse to become recluses.

That's still my goal. But, realistically, sometimes I have big plans, then I look out the window. Then I consider my options.

Option 1: Going out.

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Option 2: 

Hard to argue with that. So I end up deferring my plans to another day.

So sometimes I wonder if I'll spend half the winter inside just because it is apparently too much of an ordeal to go out.

But then, not long ago we had some bad weather. School-bus-cancelling bad weather! Freezing rain, etc.! And it lasted for a few days. The first day or so I was very content to stay inside, get stuff done and have quality time with the little papoute.

By day 2, though, I was shackwacky. So was Kiddo. So after a few hours following him around as he flung things out of drawers and climbed my pant legs and whatnot, I decided we were getting out of the house if we had to tunnel out. It was Gymboree or bust.

And, as it turns out, there was a surprisingly good turnout at the Gymboree class. Even with the bad weather. Apparently I wasn't the only parent who had gone shackwacky. The instructor just thought we were all really dedicated.

So maybe I'm not at risk of becoming a recluse after all.


  1. Since I only have the car a maximum of two days a week, it's tough for me - it has to be nice enough that his face won't freeze in the stroller. I can't wait until it's warm enough to strap him into the bike trailer and go! This winter, Option 2 is very, very common at my house. Cozy blankets are a must.

  2. Yeah, it'll be nice once we can spend a decent length of time outside with them again. We're going to try Winterlude this weekend. Takes longer to dress 'em than to actually be outside with 'em these days.