Monday, November 12, 2012

The Stuffed Animal Crew

Lots of little kids have a favourite stuffed toy. Apparently some kids like to amass a crew of them.

My son always had his sheep (no longer stuffed), which has been renamed "Fwah" for some reason... but now he also has Doggie, Lion ("Ria") and Teddy. He has deemed them his bros, apparently, and they must travel together.

It's fun to go along with it, except for when he wants them all at the dinner table with us, or when we're trying to get going in the mornings. Or, you know, pretty much get anything done.

Anyone else's kid have a crew of buddies? Hmm, maybe it's a sign he's ready for a little brother...

1 comment:

  1. i was lucky with my first little girl- her thing was that she had to have her "little friends" in each hand- usually only at bed time. Her little friends were little Ikea finger puppets. they were easy to replace and cheap. its funny how some kids go for attachments and other don't. my other little girl is at a stage where she loves to bring "chocolate man" with her all over the house. Chocolate man is a cheapy mc donald toy- its humpdy dumpty from puss and boots . whatever makes them happy.