Saturday, February 02, 2013

Reflections of a New Parent of Two, Part 3

4. Your baby and toddler will urgently need your attention at the exact same time.

Whenever the baby is fussy and needing to be fed, changed or held, toddler siblings suddenly have an incredible urge to also be picked up, have a ride in the laundry basket or get help retrieving a car from behind the couch. It's especially urgent if you were also in the middle of that one important task you've been trying to get done all week.

Note: this 'ambush' rule doesn't apply when you have company over who could possibly help you out. No. In those instances, the kids tag-team their demands, crises etc. so they are spread out over the visit. I think they plan this in advance. No socializing for you!

(PS: "Bucket Hat" is a game my son invented where he brings me a bucket that I have to put on my head, he runs off and hides, and I come find him, all the while wearing the bucket. For a toddler, he has an incredibly long attention span for playing Bucket Hat.)

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