Monday, July 29, 2013


Every once in a while, the kids give me a glimpse of what's to come.

People always joke that people who have baby sons will have to buy a deep freeze in 14 years' time to house all that food that's going to keep disappearing. It's no wives' tale. I am familiar with how much teenage boys eat; my brother always had his rear end sticking out of the fridge. So with two sons with tall genes, I guess I'm doubly doomed.

I see my kids eat even now, and they can put it away. Little Bro is loving him some solids. And isn't this supposed to be the 'picky toddler' stage? It can be tough to get him to the table, but once he's there, look out. I learned in a toddler nutrition workshop that a 'serving' of toast for a toddler is as little as 1/4 piece. That's one serving?? In that case, my kid often eats eight servings of toast in a sitting.

 My husband already tries to snag anything that I don't seem to want on my plate (he should know by now I'm saving the best for last!), and now I'm going to be competing with two hungry boys too.

Don't get me wrong... I'm glad they eat well and highly encourage it, but it looks like we'd better start saving up for groceries. Never mind RESPs.


  1. Are you serious about that serving size? Because H eats a regular sandwich (two slices, either PBJ, ham, or turkey or the like), and a yogurt and a banana most days for lunch. And he'd eat more if I let him.

  2. Sure am! But I was also told it was to reassure us during those times when they seem to be surviving on nothing.

    Sounds like you will also need to get a second mortgage out for groceries. ;)