Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just Like His (Little) Brother

When people see our two little boys together, they often remark, "Oh, Little Bro is going to look up to his big brother. He's going to want to do everything his big brother does!"

Indeed. I imagine at some point that will be the case. Such a sweet image.

For now, however, it seems to be the other way around.

When you're pushing three years old, anything your little brother touches turns to gold, as far as you're concerned. If Little Bro climbs into a bucket, well then, that's the exact bucket Big Bro NEEDS to climb into RIGHT NOW. If Little Bro is humming into a kazoo, well then, sorry dude, Big Bro was about to start kazooing. And play with that whisk *grab* and those nesting cups *grab* and that shape sorter *yoink!*

Fear not, little siblings everywhere. If you are burdened with a treat or a toy or an opportunity, you can count on your big sibling to swoop in and relieve you of it. They will finish your cheese and lift all the peek-a-boo flaps on your books. You're welcome.

Seriously, if you want your kid to eat something, give it to his or her little sibling.

Hopefully, though, you will have a sweet big sibling like Little Bro does, who kindly offers you a replacement; "Here, Baby," says the affectionate voice, "you can play with this [bulb-less turkey baster]" (while I pilfer the ride-on Lightning McQueen).

This at least goes on until the little sibling doesn't show interest anymore. Then the toy gets biffed. Little Bro has decided to go see Mama for a hug instead, but what a coincidence, Big Bro just finished playing this minute and was about to go for a hug too!

Then there's the baby equipment that's oh-so-appealing all over again to an older sibling. I'm just glad we've disassembled a lot of it; otherwise, I figure we'd need to call the fire department to remove a kid from the exersaucer. This includes other kids who come over to play. I guess there's something irresistible about doing things like dangling from a Jolly Jumper by the armpits, even if you sag to the floor.

Finally, it must look way cool to be a little 1-year-old, because they get to do stuff like run banana through their hair, chuck their bowl onto the floor and dump out buckets willy-nilly. Yahoo, good times, let's all join in! 

... Oh, no you don't; that's not what's supposed to happen-- it's supposed to be the other way around! The little brother is supposed to aspire to be a "big boy" like his brother!

But then, if the "little boys" seem to be having all the fun, who'd want to be a big boy?

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  1. Ha! I love the idea of giving something to the younger to make the older one eat it. SO TRUE. You are a genius!