Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Teaching Days

I thought I'd do a "Throwback Thursday" post for my blog this week. Seeing as how it's Back to School season, today I'm sharing a cartoon from my early teaching days; specifically, how hard it was at times to be serious when it was time to be serious, now that I was 'the adult'.

Funny stuff happens. Kids are funny, and often, I still feel like I have the sense of humour of one. But sometimes, as teachers (or now, as parents), it's our job to take the high ground and emphasize the impropriety of whatever hilarious event is unfolding. I got myself in trouble a few times over the years trying to keep a straight face.

Picture it: Halifax, 2001, supply teaching in Grade 5 Science:

Me: Name the parts of the urinary system. (I think the teacher left these lessons for me on purpose)
Student: The urethra, the urea, and... the URANUS!
(Laughter ensues)
Another student: No, that's the DIGESTIVE system, Kyle. Ugh. *rolls eyes*

After a minute with my face turned toward the wall, shoulders shaking, I regain my composure and turn around to clarify with calm maturity that it's actually the solar system, but 2 out of 3 was pretty good.

I'm still like that now. I've had to fake a coughing fit so as not to lose face during one of Big Bro's antics.

But, you know, whether teaching or parenting, you have to have a sense of humour. And, when kids are involved, it's impossible not to. Most of the time.

And it's great for the kids to see you laugh, too-- except for situations such as the one below drawn from my student teaching days, when I was being observed and evaluated for my classroom management skills. It was not the time to be giggling with the six-year-olds.

It wasn't funny that the kids were wasting food or making work for the custodian . But it was a riot how solemn the teacher was informing the kids that egg rolls are not for toilets.

(Hmm, that sounds like a name for a children's book.)

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