Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sibling TBT

I'm none too impressed with my one-cartoon-a-month maximum track record of late these days. Trying to get it into my regular routine. No one's allowed to get sick this week so I can work on my next one. ... said a mother of two small kids who frequent indoor play gyms in late October...

In the meantime, may I offer another Throwback Thursday cartoon I drew in grade 8 (depicting when I was about 12). This one is on the subject of the fights my brother and I could get into back in the day. I draw your attention to the large hoop earrings.

My brother and I played together lots and always looked out for each other. We had lots of laughs and he usually went along with my big-sister ideas (except the rad lip synch to David Lee Roth I had in mind for him. Said he "didn't want to" or something irrelevant like that).

But then, there were the tussles. There are three and a half years between my bro and me, and yet our age difference didn't prevent some impressive brawls now and then. Ah yes. I was such a model big sister.

He had the "little brother" characteristics down pat, though. I mean, he was so GOOD at it. He knew when to participate in a heated argument (with or without fisticuffs), and when to just smile a patronizing, smug smile, which made me EVEN MADDER. OOH, IT MADE ME SO MAD. Kind of like the "I'M NOT TOUCHING YOU" thing people do (with finger 3 mm from your eyeball). I would get worked up into such a lather that I'd literally bite my tongue, and then he'd do an impression of my "biting my tongue" face, and then I was REEEEALLY MAD!

I remember this being a real fight we had (with artistic license added). It started off talking about the dialogue in Home Alone and ended up with large objects being hurled.

Note: My conflict resolution skills have greatly improved since 1990.

Thankfully, the brawls were few and far between. We get along great now, too, my dear bro and I, and furniture stays put. He can still rock the smug smile if he wants, though. Grrr...

Siblings. Can't live with 'em, can't bring 'em back to the hospital even when you tell Mom you're done with them. Will the Brobeans get into it like my own brother and I could? Dust cloud with fists and stars and onomatopoeia coming out of it and all? I figure, as long as Little Bro goes along with all of Big Bro's ideas, we'll be fine...


  1. I remember these fights with MY brother, who was 13 months younger. I have scars on my face from the fistfights and the pinching. The last time I think I was 18 and he'd poured cheap perfume on my good sweater just before a date.

    1. Hey! My brother poured 10-0-6 face cleanser on one of my stuffed animals. He also wrote "HATE" on the cover of one of my Archie comics and poked the eyes out of Archie, Betty and Veronica on the front. I'm getting wistful just thinking about it.