Thursday, December 01, 2016

Candy Cane Problems

I can't unwrap candy canes without breaking them.

Who cares, right? Tastes the same.

Not to kids, it doesn't. It tastes like minty disappointment. There's no greater ruiner than she who was entrusted with a new candy cane and broke it, and no one more insulted than he whose brother managed to get an intact one.

Gingerly peeling the plastic off a candy cane while your 3-year-old breathes down your neck feels much like those people in the movies with the wire cutters attempting to diffuse a bomb.

And if you fail, the results are also comparable.


  1. Hee! Love this, and been there. Every year we make peppermint bark, which involves unwrapping dozens of candy canes for smashing with a hammer - but heaven help me if I break one before the smashing begins. I have start unwrapping like, two hours before we actually start to make it because the pressure is too high - and the kids get so bored watching me painstakingly pull away the wrappers they wander off. Well, maybe that's a good thing. :)

    Happy pepperminting!

  2. Ha ha... If you break it before the breaking, it's ruined!
    BTW, Peppermint bark sounds delicious.
    Hope you can save Christmas this year!

  3. It's so funny how to us adults, it doesn't matter if it breaks or not, but to a child it's such an important thing! I have discovered though that if I unwrap it from the bottom, most of the time (90-95% of the time), it doesn't break!