Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fitting In the Fitness

So, who out there resolved to be more physically active in 2015?

Though I rarely actually get to sit down in the run of a day, being active is something I'm always working on, specifically incorporating it into everyday life. Be healthy for myself, and for the family. Have more energy to do 20 reps of "Grand Old Duke of York" with a 25-lb. kid who doesn't tire of said game.

It's not easy in the winter, though. A few things can sabotage one's efforts:

- Insanely cold temperatures that limit outdoor activity to pulling muscles while ripping off a kid's coat and chucking him in the car seat as fast as possible
-Insanely cold temperatures and early darkness that tip the scales in favour of wrapping up like a burrito on the couch instead of, say, taking a bike ride to the playground
-Someone getting sick every week (see my post on The Endless Snot-Filled Winter from last January)

But, where there's a will, there's a way. So how do you do it?

Myself, each week I try to fit in a few 20-minute sessions on our elliptical machine in the evening, while the kids have some dad-and-sons time upstairs. Perfect.

In theory.

Aw. They just love their Mama so much. So much! And I love them too! If they'd just give me a few measly minutes to do some arm blasts, they could see some better hugs and higher-quality airplane rides the rest of the day instead of a mom sprawled bone-tired on the living room floor (although that can be fun for driving dinkies on...).

Well, anyway, it's more fun when physical activity is done as a family. Include the kids in on the fun! So, how about going to an indoor playgym (that doesn't have one of those lame age limits or "no adults on the trampolines" rules)?

Disclaimer: You will likely end up with one of the above-mentioned "sick every week" sicknesses afterward.

What about at home? How about a dance party, or maybe do some family yoga. The kids love doing yoga with me. Ever tried yoga with a toddler? I recommend it. Here are some basic poses to get you started.

 Here's to active living in 2015, however you fit it in!


  1. Hee! Adorable. I've been there with the yoga poses :).

    Do you really take the kids' coats off when you buckle them up? I know you are supposed to, but we usually cheated. I hated car seats SO MUCH, I cannot imagine adding this extra level of insanity.

  2. It's as insane as it sounds... although usually we just open the door and I yell "GO! GO! GO!" and we run like the dickens from the house in sweaters and tuques.

  3. If I'm dealing with grandson I usually put his jacket on backwards to go out to the car. I hold it closed as he walks. Sometimes I'll tell him he forgot to put up his hood and do that for him -- it makes him laugh and it's better to buckle a laughing child into his car seat. :)

  4. We've done the backward coat too... depends on how long the walk is (or how impatient everyone is).