Monday, April 09, 2012

Life According to a 1-year-Old, Part V

Part V:

I'm all worn out from driving around, and he passes out for 30 seconds in his car seat. Then he wakes up on the way into the house, somehow believes he's napped and is therefore ready for an afternoon of good times. No! you need to sleep some more! Or, otherwise, I need you to sleep some more. Come on, just for a little bit so I can psych myself up for the rest of the day?

No dice.

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  1. Janet, I just caught up on your blog after being "away." Oh my, you have been busy. I just LOVE these! This one in particular. I can actually feel the desperation having encountered this exact same thing.

    And the eating food off the floor, I mean... you are awesome. Thank you for capturing these things. I will have to put your cartoons in my journal so I'll always remember! ;)