Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Life According to a 1-Year-Old

My kid has acquired a lot of wisdom in his first year on Earth. There is much to be learned about what makes the world go 'round by watching a baby-turned-toddler in action.

In that vein, I present you with a six-part series (or more, if I get around to drawing them):

"Life According to a 1-Year-Old".

Part 1:

I don't understand why table food warrants being chucked on the floor (this is not defiance, apparently, but rather is part of his 'discovery of how the world works'... how much left is there to learn by now?), and yet when he finds the same stuff ten minutes later, it's like the gastronomic holy grail. Heck, it doesn't even have to be real food.


  1. I hear you. Floor Cheerios are often more interesting than High Chair Cheerios. And don't even get me started on bottlecaps in the kitchen.

  2. Oh Janet I feel your pain. Imagine what it's like when they're older and they know the difference.