Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life According to a 1-Year-Old, Part VI

 Part VI:

Owen and his sheep, which USED to be white...

Of course my son had to pick the fluffy white sheep as his favourite. The sheep with delightfully chewable ears. Because it's white, EVERYTHING shows on it. It reminds me of one of my early apartments; no matter how much you clean it, it never looks clean. And we have to take it in public! Why'd he have to pick the white one?

I suppose I can't give him too hard a time, as I did the same thing myself. My favourite take-everywhere toy as a toddler was a white cat named Coot. Note that the picture below is of Coot II, as I had lovingly put Coot I to bed in the oven and my mom accidentally baked him. Coot II was just as well-loved, however. Maybe there is something to the allure of the clean, white toy.

My own favourite (formerly white) cat, Coot II

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